Ciampino Airport Transfer

Ciampino Airport shuttle transfer in limo

Ciampino Airport Transfer

Rome, like many European cities, experiencing road traffic problems. Ciampino airport was opened in 1916 and built only about seven miles from the city center, ideally placed and used widely. However, in the early sixties, the airport was unable to handle the tremendous growth in air travel and the new airport Fiumicino (formally known as Leonardo Da Vinci Airport) was built approximately 21 kilometers outside the city. The new airport is rapidly becoming the main gate of the capital city, Ciampino airport is used primarily for private aircraft.

But things have changed again! Mass tourism as cheap flights has grown in the last few years of the twentieth century, the survival of Ciampino airport evaluated. Unlike some of the older airport in the city center, some expansion done and enhanced capacity to have an increasing number of charter flights and low cost.

Ciampino airport (CIA) is much smaller than the orther airport and therefore much more limited transfer options. However, the fact that came from the early days of aviation means it's closer to the city center. That fact alone makes it very popular with tourists, such as transfer to Ciampino airport is usually very quickly and easy. So today it experiencing something of a revival, since Ciampino Airport is close to the town today transfer from and to Ciampino Airport is booming so fast.

Transfer Booking from Ciampino Made Easy

The description of the airport places worldwide could be highly controversial and very confusing when you book a vacation to the destination you've never been before. The good news is that when you book a Ciampino airport transfer with Rome Limousine Taxi you will always have nothing to worry about.

Amazingly, the Ciampino airport is just seven miles from the city center of Rome and the airport perimeter is practically walking along the ring road of the city. This and the comfort of our limo shuttle service makes your transfers from Ciampino airport to hotel in Rome city easier.