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Two icons of the top Rome

As one of the most visited places and beautiful in the whole of Italy, it is not surprising that many people flying in Ciampino Airport convenient. Transfer from the airport will take you directly to the heart of the city in a short time, allowing you more time to explore.

When you get to Rome is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast history and culture of different cities. This is a cultural animal and better to approach the first time to plan what you want to see and where it – if not, you can be happy while wandering the streets of old, but didn't really get to see everything I wanted. But if that happens, just stop by the Trevi Fountain, and flip a coin and, according to legend, will someday.

Rome's history dates back to its founding by Romulus and Remus in 753. C., but no archaeological evidence from inhabitants of the region dating back to 14000. Once you reach the city's Ciampino Airport transfer, settled in, then plan on hand, go out and explore! Two icons are a definite must see in Rome was the Pantheon and Spain steps.

The Pantheon

Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa in the reign of Augustus, the Pantheon was built as a tribute to all the gods of Rome. Built around 27 BC you can even go through a Pantheon in transfer Ciampino airport in the heart of the city. Its circular portico with columns of large granite facade is clear and reflects the grandeur of the god's serve. The lobby connects the foyer in the Pantheon, with its reinforced concrete dome and open to the sky and hidden core elements. The dome itself is a feat of engineering and keep folding in the concrete dome in the world.

The original pantheon was destroyed on several occasions, but always to rise like the phoenix from the ruins and has been rebuilt; It has been almost continuously since its construction. When the building was consecrated as a church in the early medieval period, it was spared from the devastation that could be addressed otherwise. As it stands, roof terrace, some of the bronze statues and a pair of columns have been the worst of the losses suffered by the Pantheon.

The Spanish steps

Rome (also called eternal city) is the perfect destination for your holiday. Enjoy your Rome city tour, just sit back inside our luxurious vehicle and see the magical atmosphere of Colosseum, Trevi fountain or Spanish steps with English speaking driver or guide.

We offer Rome city tour with exclusive Limousine or shuttle for all the family. We arrange sightseeing for you or you can decide for yourself when and where our driver stops.

Known in Italy as the Scalinata Della Trinita Dei Monti, Spain steps are steps that most famous of Italy, if not the world. On his travels to the city via transfer Ciampino airport, look for the monumental step of 135. They cause the Embassy Bourbon Trinita Dei Monti Church and the Piazza di Spagna and the Holy see in Palazzo Monaldeschi-so you have to walk back in order to truly appreciate. The steps originally started with a design competition in 1717; Over the years they have recovered significantly, most recently in 1995. When you climb the stairs you'll be on one of the seven hills of Rome, and you can stop and visit the House where Keats lived to culture even more through this beautiful city.

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